Our Vessel

"This is a very well thought out vessel and operation that exceeded my expectations (which are fairly high). Do yourself a favor and go diving with them."

David Fleetham, Underwater Photographer,Wildlife Travel,


The crew and dive guides were excellent from the trip director down. I don’t think I met one of them without being greeted by a smile. Always a helping hand when you were kitting up and a warm welcome when the rib returned after a dive. The food was really good and there were also very tasty deserts which deserve a special mention.

Matthew Gibson, Diver
, UK

My best liveaboard experience so far. Great crew, amazing service, very safe diving, experienced divemasters, food was super yummy, great facilities and the best vibe! can’t wait to be back!!

Juli LC, Diver,
Hong Kong

The whole experience has been a highlight of this year! Probably because the stuff is so professional but also very very friendly and it feels like you are a part of the family!

Marina Marston, Diver, Photographer,

Infiniti is awesome! We'll be back!

Krsna Bacha, Diver,
Blogger, Mauritius

Anurag Kashyap

It was the most unforgettable experience of my life. Loved every bit of it. It was perfect..I am coming here every time I get. Great crew, that made me great new friends...Thank you Infiniti!

Anurag Kashyap, Filmmaker


One of the best live-aboard I have been on! Fantastic boat & crew. Wonderful diving & hospitality at its best. Big thank you to Denzil, Sunil, Ghanashyam, Misba and rest of the crew for making such a fantastic trip. I will be back for sure!

Sumer Verma, Lacadives, PADI Instructor, Underwater Photographer


We were returning to the boat from the reef and swam close and personal on the surface of the ocean with this gentle creature for 20 minutes. What a miracle of nature and an experience of a lifetime. Thank you, Infiniti,!

Sharon Eng, Diver,

Dives were on time, organized, well-planned and coordinated amongst the whole team. Service was superb before and after every dive. The staff was friendly and always cheerful. Food was grrreaaatt, kudos to the Chef who even baked a very pink strawberry cake on my birthday.

Aggs Tolentino, Diver,

Good food, good dives, good dive guide, good crew, best group of people to dive with.

Valerie Lau, Diver,

Spending a week aboard the Infiniti was one of my best dive times. Can’t wait to go back again. This is a top-notch operation.

Sameer Maasarani, Diver,

Professional crew, great food, comfortable room, amazing experience.

Howard Ma, Diver,
Hong Kong

Thank you! We had a great time & learned a lot

Wendy Holton, Diver
Montana, USA

Awesome experience yet again! You have the best and most friendliest people on board. Wish you loads of luck & happiness

Amit Malik
Kolkata, India

What a 5-star boat! The boat is a dream super organized and the cabins are very comfortable! There's even a camera room!!!!

Maik Ritter, Diver,

Clearly the best diving liveaboard boat plying Philippines seas. Lots of space! Large clean comfortable room, beds that beckon you to lie on it, good sized en-suite bathroom

Edmund Lee, Diver
Hong Kong

“I really enjoyed the trip and I would give 10 stars to this review if I could. Definitely coming back for another round. Great job, everyone! Thank you for everything.”

Derek Palanca, Diver,

“ Few very formal, very professional boarding companies in Southeast Asia! Worth recommending!”

孔肖俊 , Diver,

WOW. 5-star hotel dive experience onboard. I think Infiniti has spoiled all other Liveaboards for me now with the hotel service onboard.

Hendri Du Toit, Diver,

Highest customer service skills top to bottom, tasty food and specious rooms & comfy beds.

Zuz Ka, diver,

I have had a wonderful time and I LOVED the crew. Lovely people!

Dominic Graham, Diver

Thank you Infiniti for a wonderful time! We will be back

Dipannita Das, Diver
Kolkata, India

Infiniti is awesome! We'll be back!

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Businessperson
Pune, India

Can words ever express what a one-of a - kind amazing experience this was! The staff's passion, discipline & smiles are totally contagious. Infiniti is extremely well thought through yacht with luxurious facilities : spacious & with a feeling of individual privacy. I am definitely coming back with my sons & friends for diving in such a beautiful environment.

Shaloo Sood

I loved my time on the Infiniti


“You guys are pioneering a new industry in India and you are doing a fabulous job too!! Really first class ship & crew. I had a fabulous time, thanks”

Rodney Strumlund

“Unlike most liveaboards, the rooms on the Infiniti are spacious, with large windows and plenty of wardrobe space, so you're not living out of suitcases that keep you aware of your status as a temporary occupant. The lounge stocked with books and DVDs and the easy comfort of t he bedrooms serve to make you feel right at home.”

Conde Nast Traveller
International editions

"Excellent guides & instructors – we will be back!”

Nicole Connolly

“Has been the most amazing experience of my life!! So glad you guys followed your passion & heart. Congratulations for the first live-aboard in India & I had the privilege to be on it in its first year.. woohoo!! Sad leaving here but will be back soon”

Radhika B Mittal
New Delhi

“Superb experience on the live-aboard first time. Enjoyed with the crew – outstanding!”

Jishma Saraiya

"Very well organized, friendly & professional operation – thank you to the entire Infiniti Team for a great trip!”

Mark Strickland


Fantastic all round!

Sarah Sandhu, Homemaker
Kolkata, India

The best experience ever! Will definitely come back & recommend to others!

Smira Bakshi, Management Professional
Mumbai, India

"Had a great time. Keep up the good job! Looking forward to dive with Infiniti again! Will be back! "

Sachin Khira

Thank you so much for your hospitality.. Comfortable boat, friendly crew. We hope to be back again soon

Irina Surkova, White Sea Dive Center

Words can’t explain the experience. Infiniti crew & team know the nitti gritties of what they do. Team takes pride in what they do and lay emphasis on every small detail. Passion oozes out & its great to see the team with positive attitude. Sid, Katya, Shyam, Rohin, ShyamRao – amazing people. My experience has been amazing, getting away from gloomy doomy British weather into the Andaman Sea”

Bharat Udeshi

Bravo to Sunil, Rohin, Ghanashyam (all around tops), Shyam Rao (night dive – cuttlefish & shrimp!), Sid, Katya ( so caring, nonstop).. Zodiac ops were smooth, the dancing cook churned out succulent food- Barbecue was the climax; appetite whetted for Barren & Narcondam.. I have decided to share my personal experience with my dive club and call for a meeting. I was also pleased by the large room & loo design & boat as well as dive deck!

Dinesh Dayal

You guys have a fantastic thing going, keep up the great work.

Umeed Mistry, PADI staff Instructor

My experience with Infiniti Diving was amazing. The people at the Infiniti made my feel like I was home. This trip changed my perception about the ocean. There are millions of different fish in different colours, shapes, patterns, sizes. The ocean is so beautiful with so many things to capture for a photographer. This was one of my greatest experiences till date. I will definitely go again to explore underwater photography and take my skills to the next level! I will see you again soon Infiniti Diving!"

Akshay Madhavan, Photography student, Light & Life Academy

Very good trip, excellent staff and nice boat

Catherine Louise Bebb, Diver

“Permitted to sail in all Indian waters, this 39m-lng, luxurious ship complies with international safety standards and is furnished to house a small group. IT specializes in scuba diving with state-of-the-art equipment & expert instructors and is furnished to house a small group. Suddenly horizons have magically expanded. What were, until now, only flecks of sand and stone in the blue sea have finally become real destinations.”

Conde Nast Traveller
India, Middle East, China editions

“It is my first ever liveaboard trip, and it made me realize that this is the only way to do diving. Amazing experience, amazing people. Would definitely want to come again”

Sankalp Sadanah

A HUGE thanks for an AWESOME trip last week to all at Infiniti. The crew are just the best people, all of them. We had a lot of fun, felt completely safe underwater and on the boat, and were comfortable, relaxed and happy during our journey. You really have the most wonderful people who make the Infiniti great. The food was also excellent. Thank you to all, we would love to return to Narcondum and Barren next time! Also a major thank you to John Williams and Bent at Siam Divers!

Karen Seymour
Hong Kong

We had an AWESOME time! Thanks for the great experience and wonderful crew!

William Harris
Hong Kong

"This trip was exceptional! The boat, crew, dive guides, food etc were all excellent, thank you!"

Tom Baker

"The Infiniti trip was really good ,it was the best bunch of divers I've dived with . Barren Island is different with ash from the volcano on the coral it makes the life easy to see . I went to Myanmar a few years ago and this was better protected with no dynamite fishing so had better quantity of life. The boats roomy and lucky for me I loved the Indian food"

Mark Birkett

One of the best live-aboards with the best host :)Thank you for this great diwali holiday. I had the greatest time :)

Nathalie Fouquet, Underwater Photographer & World Traveller

"An amazing experience with friendly dive instructors and ship crew. We were made to feel a part of the ship's family. Discover Scuba was like being transported to another dimension altogether. All in all, an excellent cruise. Thank you all!!"

Navzer Mehta

"This crew was the most friendly & safety conscious of any"

Ray Tsuyuki

“Truly transcendental experience”

Lonely Planet

Very spacious boat and amazing crew - the dive crew, hospitality staff and the cooking - all first rate. Great dive sites! Good job- keep it up! Look forward to being back.

Dhruv Kazi

Outstanding experience - the people, the diving, the food - all top of the game!

Sumit Dabriwala

“Really enjoyed. Had a great experience with you guys. Really hope to catch Shyam & Katya someday across this world & dive with you guys. You guys really inspire me with your story. I really hope to get to where you guys are.”

Priyanka Jalan

“Done my Open Water course before but it is Infiniti which truly made me enjoy diving, spectacular underwater dives, patient crew, lovely food, beautiful view & all around a fab experience

Sampada Vaze, model & actress

What a super trip ! Thanks to all of you who made this a special trip and the luxury of the boat has blown us away and the tremendous level of service from the kind team ! I hope we return someday.

Emily & Aidan, Honeymooners

Overall amazing experience. Look forward to coming back

Sally Jones

"Amazing staff/instructors/crew. Had an amazing trip overall"

Lavanya Udeshi
Sri Lanka

“Wonderful care & attention from all the excellent staff”

Michael Beech

Thank you very much! Very friendly crew. We hope to see you again soon

Mila Golochnykh & Ueha Aladashvili

You guys have a fantastic thing going, keep up the great work.

Umeed Mistry, PADI staff Instructor

The vessel is spanking new, the cabins and common areas are well furnished and scarcely have a "its an adventure boat, what more can you expect" feel about them. Sinking into the sofas after a long days diving was a pleasure i looked forward to ! But this magnificent vessel and its crew exist for one good purpose..to take you diving in ease and safety ! The dive areas are large, well designed and easy to exit and enter. The on board equipment is top of the line and new. Every dive was well planned and centered around our needs. Differing capabilities were accounted for by the resident DMs and instructors. We dived upto 3 times a day right off the boat or sometimes from the RIB. The marine life was stunning and awesome. Lot to be said for knowing where to dive and when too ! All in all. for me it was a wonderful safe and lovely experience for me to see the Andamans in a truly great way !

Salil Mehta

"The Infiniti trip was really good ,it was the best bunch of divers I've dived with . Barren Island is different with ash from the volcano on the coral it makes the life easy to see . I went to Myanmar a few years ago and this was better protected with no dynamite fishing so had better quantity of life. The boats roomy and lucky for me I loved the Indian food"

Mark Birkett

“Super yacht, super crew, super experience. Look forward to being back again soon ?

Samir Kapoor, Multifit

“Thank you very much! Good work! Rohin is a good guide”

Kuznetkov Sergei & Chernova Elena
St Petersburg, Russia

I had the best time and I would love to come back next year!

Lucy Bell
Business Owner, UK

We had a great time on this super deluxe live-aboard. We had a wonderful Christmas time under the stars. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Because i was the only one who did not eat spicy food, they made something special for me everyday. Thank you for this fantastic time.

Sandra Grosemans & Marc Vriamont

Great crew, always concerned with safety + making our dives exciting. Loved all aspects of the trip - food was amazing! Thank you Infiniti See you soon!

Erik Lucas


“Great trip! Thanks to the entire crew” – Max Rau, Surgeon, Germany

Max Rau

Fantastic experience, one of the best liveaboards have been on. Also, super diving- India can’t get better than this

Gauri Chopra, Fine Balance Photography

Fantastic Experience… you have a wonderful boat with great crew! I'll be back!

Devrath Sagar, Film Professional

One of my most memorable trips ever with a strong feeling of accomplishment… Luxurious living, best food in the world, unparalleled attention, very comfortable beds, well stocked entertainment.. Wish to make Infiniti a yearly tradition

Mayanka Shah, Marketing Professional

Magnificent Vessel..was a wonderful safe and lovely experience for me to see the Andaman’s in a truly great way !

Dr. Salil Mehta, MD

super boat + amazing staff & trainers.. super diving sites & proper training.. overall an exciting experience, keep it up!

Amit Bora, Businessman

The level of expertise of the diving instructors, the professional of the team involved and the passion that they bring to the experience is inspiring…. From the food, to the cabin crew, to the hospitality, the level of comfort... this is world class outfit.

Giles Khan, World Traveler
New York

This was an amazing experience. Well crafted boat and amazing people to dive with. Wish to join you guys on many more adventures

Adhirath Bali, Sudent

INFINITI...SUPEEERRRRRBBBBBB.....lovely experience! Great crew, hospitality, the entire team - Hands down! You all are incredible! Loved our open water dives and Bobby you are the best host :)

Mahima Bora, Homemaker

“Experience of a lifetime”

STUFF magazine

“Had a fantastic time. I’m really looking forward to joining you again soon”

Rishabh Jain

Beautiful boat, excellent food. Thumbs up for all dive masters for taking good care. Very comfortable beds & spacious bathrooms..overall very satisfied

Arnav Mukherjee, Businessman
New Delhi

Can't get better than this

Vikas Aggarwal, Businessman

Excellent boat crew & a fantastic experience & stay

Surbhi Mehtani, Homemaker

The trip was amazing, fulfilling & total value for money..great team!

Aman Mehtani, Businessman

A dream come true- heavenly experience. This truly was an 'Infinite experience'. Thank you and God bless INFINITI Unforgettable, that's what you are

Nisha Bhatia Malik, Entrepreneur

Complete live-aboard experience. Truly dived, ate & slept all the way

Dhaval Shah, Businessman

An amazing experience

Manoj Lobo, Cinematographer

"A great new experience in unique circumstances. Very well conceptualized and executed holiday idea. I would like to congratulate Sunil & the team for being pioneers of liveaboard diving in India and setting a very high standard for others to follow. Finally, a big thank you to dive guruji for easing me into this hobby” Rajiv Hingoo, Mumbai

Rajiv Hingoo

Among the best experiences of my life

Vasan Bala, Writer/Director

Excellent & more! had a fantastic time and thank you all for the amazing hospitality

Varun Kancharla, Businessman

Had a wonderful time, will surely be back for more

Amit Malik, CISCO

Memorable experience, great boat & team, we rocked it on the Infiniti

Lalit Laungani, Businessman
New Delhi

I loved my time on the Infiniti, she's a beauty

Seemant Saxena, Absolute Scuba

The Food throughout the trip on board was great, Brand new Dive Gear, Happy Smiling Crew, we couldn't find anything to complain about the trip really. With a total of 12 dives Logged on the trip, tons of happy memories & new friendships formed we are sure to be back onboard the Infiniti soon

Gaurav Arora, Businessman
New Delhi