Our Vessel

Design, build and Classification

Infinti is built with steel and is inspected and classed by RINA Italy. Extensive inspections are done before class is renewed. The last renewal was in December 2018. RINA (Italy) is one of the premier and oldest IACS classification societies. Currently Infiniti is the only IACS classed dive liveaboard in the Philippines.


Approval by RINA class involves:

  • approval of all drawings of the vessel submitted by the designer of the shipyard
  • supervision of the newbuilding construction at the shipyard, through inspection and patrolling activities during all the construction process of the ship, and attend sea trials before the ship enters into service
  • issuing of the ship’s class certificate

Escape Hatches and Exits

Please note the escape hatches and stairs in Green on lower deck diagram and the main deck diagram.

  • Lower deck has 2 stair cases going to main deck. One from the passenger area and one from the engine room. Boat Exit
  • Lower deck also has 2 escape hatches. One right in front and one at the back in the room adjacent to the engine room.
  • Main deck has one escape hatch. All room have big glass windows on main deck.

Fire Alarms

There are fire alarms all over the vessel

Fire extinguishers are placed at short distances in all common areas

Smoke Detectors

All cabins and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors.

CO2 room

Infiniti is also equipped with a CO2 room.

In the event of an engine room fire, the engine room can be flooded with CO2 from the CO2 room.

Nautilus GPS locators

In the Infiniti 2019-2020 season onwards, we have Nautilus GPS locator devices for divers. These can be activated on the surface and will send a ping via AIS and radio of the vessel and passing vessels.

We have 30 such devices on board for every diver and dive crew.

Oxygen and Propane

We do not blend Nitrox on the boat with pure Oxygen tanks. Keeping pure oxygen on board is regarded as a safety hazard

Our Galley (Kitchen) operates on electrical stoves and not propane.